Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Pearl Jam - Berlin - 04.07.2012 BD

Pearl Jam
O2 Arena
Berlin, Germany

video:  HD 1920x1080i  > Sony Vegas pro 10.0 > Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.0 > BD 25GB
audio:  Official bootleg PCM stereo 2.0


01 Long Road
02 Why Go
03 Given To Fly
04 The Fixer
05 Faithfull
06 Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
07 Got Some
08 Corduroy
09 In My Tree
10 Even Flow
11 Daughter
12 State Of Love And Trust
13 Immortality
14 Lukin
15 Unthought Known
16 I Believe In Miracles
17 Rearviewmirror


18 The End
19 Just Breathe
20 Hard To Imagine
21 Once
22 Do The Evolution


23 Jeremy
24 Leash
25 Black
26 Alive
27 Rockin' In The Free World
28 Indifference

I thank all the people who helped, all are listed in Credits

Torrent DL DVD

DVD edithed & authored by.... Blink EyE Projects


  1. Hi
    When is possible to have this BD?, could you please to share?

    thanks a lot


  2. Why, so you can rip it, and post poor versions of it on Youtube, and take advantage of these guys hard work?

  3. Will you make this available on Jamriver?

  4. This show will not be shared at any public pages. Maybe the dvd version. Thank you for understanding

    1. thanks jurassitol, I'll wait for you can to share on jam-river, thanks a lot

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. is it possible to get a DVD Version in a trade?
    I don't have a BR Player

    thanks Kati

  7. So, are u going to release the dvd? If so, when?

  8. Would love this to be shared on jamriver with strict instructions that it isn't ripped to mp4, avi or even dvd dual layer

    1. hello.

      my name is philipp. i am frequent downloader at the jam-river-tracker.

      i wanted to ask if we could work something out, like a b&p - the problem is i don't have a bd-burner.

      i would be intrested in the both berlin shows - maybe prague.

      please send me a pm at jam-river - eddvddr75
      or an email


    2. Leespj:

      Is very difficult that no-one rip the video to another format. I understand the hard work you guys out into this, but, once you release it, is impossible for you, and the people at Jam-River to control what´s going to happen with it. As I said, I understand the hard work, and I´m very thankfull for your previous releases, but if you act like the big music companies, just share your work amongst your circle, is very simple. There are a lot of fans who waited for your releases atime ago, and now we have to cross fingers for you to release something to the general public. You have to change your mind about this. If someones rips your stuff and share it at youtube, for example, what can you do??? what can the jam-river community do??? is year 2013, and is impossible to control that. Regards