Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pearl Jam - Amsterdam Night One - Corduroy


  1. Hi BlinkEye

    Keep up the cool work. Can I ask you a technical question. What software do you use to put these videos together. Only I'd like to try a Faith No More one from one of the shows this year. Thanks

  2. Hi,
    I usually use Sony Vegas Pro for editting video and Sony DVD Architect for making the final dvd. Sometimes I use Sony Sound Forge for sound editting.

  3. Whoa. Thats why your dvds are so good. That's some serious software. Unfortunately PC based as well. I was hoping to give making one a go but I'm on Mac and I couldn't afford those prices for the software anyway and Ilife is ok but just isn't up to the standard I wanted to achieve. Never mind. Thanks for the info, even more thanks for all your hard work getting these dvds together. Keep up the good work. Vheers